C a r l y  C a m p b e l  l

 carly campbell
creative consultant. hairstylist. makeup artist.  maker of my own rules.

  creating is my form of active meditation.

i would say my career started as i was drawing and contouring shapes with pencils in my classes, leading any school group project i was ever damned with given, and convincing friends to let me cut their hair at the sophisticated age of 12.  after a fluke meeting with the VP of a major haircare line when i was 17, i started traveling around the country as a national platform artist for Aquage. i taught at the top salons around the country for 8 years, created the best selling educational DVD for hairdressers called Bespoke, made lifelong friends, and learned from the most talented mentors that ever were.

when i moved to LA from Ohio, i started collaborating and working with some of the most creative and talented people i have ever had the privilege of knowing. it ignited my passion for what i do even further.   i’ve set (and made) crazy goals and i’ll continue doing so until it isn’t fun anymore.  years of experience on set with major brands has turned me into a detail obsessed stylist, an extremely diverse creative consultant, and the person you love (hate) watching a movie with because i’ll point out any lack of continuity that ever existed. i actually prefer documentaries.

i am forever grateful for every person who has helped me along the way. the people who’ve given me opportunity, insight, laughter and surrounded me with positivity. the people who’ve told me NO, because it has turned me into the most creative problem solver. ever. i’m grateful for (almost) every person i have stood next to in line at the airport or anyone who has found their place in my makeup chair somewhere because i feel like there was a reason we ended up there in the first place.

along the way i’ve helped create some amazing images, movies, and commercials. i’ve convinced people to quit their jobs (is that bad?), and given some seriously killer haircuts.  most importantly though, i do what makes me happy.

make your own rules.






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