New York Fashion Week. It’s kind of as crazy as it sounds. An opportunity to assist Seiji, a renowned stylist with The Wall Group, on a presentation for the label Joyrich popped up and I thought about it for about 2 seconds before I decided to head out. I packed my bag full of every tool I own except the one that has been taking up space in my bag for years and I never use. The one I would end up needing. The curling iron the size of my pinky.... Read The Rest →

Winter Hair Tips , YO!

//tips up.   i work and play a lot in the elements, so I was super excited when Oribe asked me to share a few of my winter hair tips.  it was hard breaking the list down into 10, but these are some of my favorite ever. read em up,  i’m willing to bet you’ll find one in here that’ll change your hair game up!  anyone else have any great tips?            

Got Milk?

got milk sunrise, craig alexander.

 // behind the lens. today started off absolutely beautiful. finding legit places to watch BOTH the sunrise and sunset over the ocean in california are rare, but this is one of them. its science. and geology. i wasn’t even mad i had to wake up at 4am for a “got chocolate milk” commercial, drive an hour to set with wrong directions, skip breakfast and coffee because i was able to see this. look at it. seriously, look at this photo. would you just look at it? i bet you didn’t look... Read The Rest →

A Haircut for Laura Enever

  // directly after qualifying in her heat for the US Surf Open,  the gorgeous and extremely sweet pro surfer Laura Enever stopped by for a cut yesterday.  her hair looks amazing no matter what, however with a few tricks i changed the shape of her hair to look even better.  i’ve always been in love with the effortlessly undone/done hair, and no one does it better then surfers…who let me cut their hair. check out a shot of Laura’s new cut from her insty. 

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