Got Milk?

got milk sunrise, craig alexander.

 // behind the lens. today started off absolutely beautiful. finding legit places to watch BOTH the sunrise and sunset over the ocean in california are rare, but this is one of them. its science. and geology. i wasn’t even mad i had to wake up at 4am for a “got chocolate milk” commercial, drive an hour to set with wrong directions, skip breakfast and coffee because i was able to see this. look at it. seriously, look at this photo. would you just look at it? i bet you didn’t look... Read The Rest →

Kore Swim

  // behind the lens. while unlaced combat boots seemed like a great wardrobe choice at 5am on a chilly morning by the beach, they were deleted from my outfit by noon. seriously, as i was crouched down in this photo next to the baking desert floor, i could have spontaneously combusted at any moment. we converted this rig into a traveling hair and makeup trailer for the day, and drove it into the desert. for every gorgeous shot of a model in a bikini here, there are at least... Read The Rest →

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