You Will Love At Least One of These Dry Shampoos

You will love at least one of these dry shampoos.

Claiming it. If you haven’t found a dry shampoo that makes your world go round, one of these will. I’ve tried them myself, and like them all for different reasons. For those of you who aren’t on the dry shampoo band wagon yet – COME TO THE DARK SIDE.  It’s fun! You don’t have to wash your hair everyday,  (ps. the vast majority of us shouldn’t be anyway – I will write about this later) AND your hair will thank you. You know those days when you’re staring in the... Read The Rest →

How to cleanse your skin

First, let me start off my saying I’m not a doctor. My advice shouldn’t replace your healthcare professional’s, rather use it as a consideration into your routine.  That being said, I truly feel like I am an expert at washing my face…I’ve been doing it for a reeeally long time, AND I’m a little OCD about it. I’ve been through it all – dry skin, oily skin, acne…allergic reactions. No one’s experience is ever the same, but I can empathize. That being said, I think the basics of cleansing your... Read The Rest →

A Haircut for Laura Enever

  // directly after qualifying in her heat for the US Surf Open,  the gorgeous and extremely sweet pro surfer Laura Enever stopped by for a cut yesterday.  her hair looks amazing no matter what, however with a few tricks i changed the shape of her hair to look even better.  i’ve always been in love with the effortlessly undone/done hair, and no one does it better then surfers…who let me cut their hair. check out a shot of Laura’s new cut from her insty. 

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