You Will Love At Least One of These Dry Shampoos

You will love at least one of these dry shampoos.

Claiming it.

If you haven’t found a dry shampoo that makes your world go round, one of these will.

I’ve tried them myself, and like them all for different reasons.

For those of you who aren’t on the dry shampoo band wagon yet – COME TO THE DARK SIDE.  It’s fun! You don’t have to wash your hair everyday,  (ps. the vast majority of us shouldn’t be anyway – I will write about this later) AND your hair will thank you.

You know those days when you’re staring in the mirror wondering if you should wash your hair or not? Debating with yourself if it looks good enough to pull off another day?  Yeah, you need dry shampoo.

Here’s whats up:

Klorane Oat Milk Non Aerosol Dry Shampoo – I’ve used this for years and it’s my #1 go to. It’s a loose powder, unscented formula that gives my hair volume, and soaks up any excess oil like a champ. It’s so easy, and it’s great for guys too. It’s a white powder so it’s perfect for medium brown – blonde hair, but dark haired peeps need apply a little more carefully.

Aveda Shampure – Another loose powder dry shampoo that does its job, plus gives a nice amount of volume. What’s real fun about this is that in true Aveda fashion it smells of plant and flower essences. Great for medium brown to blonde hair, dark haired peeps – apply carefully.

R+ CO Death Valley Dry Shampoo – An option for those of you who prefer an aerosol version AND great for dark hair because it’s clear. It provides a little bit of volume and texture, and has a strong scent along the lines of sugary coconut and lime-  so it’s great for those of you that have something to hide. You know who you are.

Batiste Dry Shampoo – What’s different this one is that it leaves the hair looking clean and shiny- most dry shampoos have a mattifying effect because they are formulated to soak up oiliness.  This one doesn’t give much texture or volume., so it’s a great choice if you love the feeling of clean clean hair, but don’t want to wash it every day.  It’s also the most budget friendly of the bunch, and clear so it works for dark hair too!

Here’s to avoiding washing our hair as long as possible! Cheers!

You will love at least one of these dry shampoos.



  • I went with the batiste dry shampoo and I’m in love with it. I’m going to try the klorane shampoo next just to get an idea of which one works best for me. Thank you for this helpful advise 🙂 definitely a life changer. My hair is happy

    • Glad you love it! The klorane is a little drier and it’s non aerosol. My hair definitely feels like it has a little more texture when I use it, vs if I use Batiste my hair feels “cleaner.” It’s nice to have options with dry shampoo!

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