How to cleanse your skin


First, let me start off my saying I’m not a doctor. My advice shouldn’t replace your healthcare professional’s, rather use it as a consideration into your routine.  That being said, I truly feel like I am an expert at washing my face…I’ve been doing it for a reeeally long time, AND I’m a little OCD about it. I’ve been through it all – dry skin, oily skin, acne…allergic reactions. No one’s experience is ever the same, but I can empathize.

That being said, I think the basics of cleansing your face are often overlooked.  It’s easy to get caught up in the new tech devices and treatments but I wanted to outline a few good tips that (almost) anyone could incorporate.

MORNING:  Rinse your face with cool water only. Your skin produces oils that it needs at night, and over cleansing can irritate your skin, or even make it oilier.  *If you are using a Retin-A cream or any sort of topical treatment at night you can use a clean washcloth and a tiny bit of cleanser to gently remove product from skin.  Some products are not meant to be used during the day or in sunlight especially, so in my opinion, a gentle washcloth will do a better job of removing any residue from skin.

EVENING: Here’s where I get c r a z y.  Anyone who wears makeup, or has serious grit and grime on their face…wash it twice. The first wash is to remove makeup and dirt, and the second wash is to cleanse your skin. Don’t even think about using your fancy Clarisonic on a face full of makeup.  Wash that ish off and THEN use your Clarisonic.  Speaking of Clarisonic, I prefer to use mine 1-2 times a week.  The rest of the evenings I go straight old school and use a clean washcloth.  For me, it goes like this: My first wash is always with my hands and a cleanser, and the second wash is with a clean washcloth, or Clarisonic.

Painless right?  Just a few basics.



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