nailed it.

you know that kind of laughter that just WILL NOT quit? the kind that leaves you unable to make a sound with tears running down your face?  damn, that laughter is THE BEST.

now that you know where this is headed, let me set the scene:

it’s the middle of summer in LA and we are on set for a spot for Pinterest. as our luck would have it, we are also rolling sound in a house. (aka: everyone be quiet!  turn off the AC! whats that beeping!?) yeah you heard that…no air conditioning + hot lights + 15 people in a room.

it’s 9am, we’re already sweating and we have to film a woman making this: pinterest fail

why? because pinterest. thats why.

i’m not even going to get into how our first actress, a former star from baywatch,  almost cut her fingers off. moving on. (with higher tensions) and actress #2.

pinterest fail

everyone else on set is super serious. i don’t want to destroy their hope, but i see where this is going. it’s going to hell. and i cannot stop laughing.

pinterest fail

at this point i’m sitting behind camera trying to stifle my laughter behind my hands.  tears are pouring down my face.  this woman is serious. it’s hard enough trying to smother a laugh during a presentation, or a meeting, but when there’s sound rolling you cannot make a friggin PEEP. i had to excuse myself from set.

pinterest fail


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