nailed it.

you know that kind of laughter that just WILL NOT quit? the kind that leaves you unable to make a sound with tears running down your face?  damn, that laughter is THE BEST. now that you know where this is headed, let me set the scene: it’s the middle of summer in LA and we are on set for a spot for Pinterest. as our luck would have it, we are also rolling sound in a house. (aka: everyone be quiet!  turn off the AC! whats that beeping!?) yeah you heard that…no... Read The Rest →

Kore Swim

  // behind the lens. while unlaced combat boots seemed like a great wardrobe choice at 5am on a chilly morning by the beach, they were deleted from my outfit by noon. seriously, as i was crouched down in this photo next to the baking desert floor, i could have spontaneously combusted at any moment. we converted this rig into a traveling hair and makeup trailer for the day, and drove it into the desert. for every gorgeous shot of a model in a bikini here, there are at least... Read The Rest →

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