100% Non-Toxic Skincare That Actually Works

tata harper, skincare, non-toxic beauty

WARNING: What I am about to introduce you to might end up in a new (slightly more expensive then what you may be using now) skincare routine.


The good news is that it’s 100% natural and non-toxic, provides amazing results, AND it’s on sale this weekend. Tata Harper is offering 15% off through Sunday night 11/27/16.

I’ve tried a lot of products, and Tata Harper makes a few that I just keep going back to. Not only do I finish each bottle, but I actually end up going back and repurchasing them again and again. (Full disclosure: I’ve recently tried another brand and while it’s “okay” I can’t wait to finish and go back to my daily favorites from Tata.)

tata harper, skincare, non-toxic beauty

Proof I love these so much that I scrape every last bit out of the bottle.

For me, it’s well worth spending a little extra money if there are actual results vs. no change in my skin and it’s a HUGE bonus that I’m not adding toxins into my body.  If you’re looking to change up your skincare routine – one (or a few) of these products might be a great healthy start.

Regenerating Cleanser – A light buffing cleanser, great for sensitive and delicate skin.  Not great at removing makeup, so it’s best when used as the 2nd wash in the evening or a light exfoliation in the morning. This isn’t a heavy duty scrub, just a nice wash that leaves your skin feeling happy and balanced.  Comes in multi sizes. (1st wash is for removing makeup: READ THIS POST for more info – it’s a game changer)

Rejuvenating SerumThe holy grail of serums. I’ve never used anything that works as well as this baby. I use it in the morning, and also in my kit before makeup applications.  It actually gives skin a more hydrated, plump appearance in a few hours, and obviously works even better when used regularly.  I recently recommended this to a friend and she said her husband noticed a difference in a few weeks…if that tells you anything. Ha! If you try one thing, try this. Comes in multi sizes.

Repairative Moisturizer – A rich moisturizer for dry/normal skin. Keeps skin hydrated and happy. Great for AM/PM.  If you try two things, this should be one of them.

Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint – Okay, so technically this isn’t skincare but it’s an awesome blush that I happen to love.  Use this alone, or over another blush. The formula is somehow magically glowy without adding shimmer.  Really great to use as a final step after powder too – powder gives the skin a dry look, so a little of this over top adds a healthy glow back into your skin! Comes in different colors, so be sure to pick one you like best!

Already love Tata? Leave me a few words at the bottom and tell me what you like to use! Or leave a question and I’ll try to find a solution for you. 🙂


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