Travel Tips: My Favorite Hand, Body, and Lip Moisturizers


The one item I most often forget to pack when I travel is body or hand lotion. For one, the travel sizes barely make it through a few days, and second, the thought of spilled lotion on any clothes in my suitcase is kind of a nightmare.   The worst part is, the soap on airplanes, and in hotels is literally the most drying stuff on the planet. Seriously though, WTF is up with that stuff?

I recently discovered two products that hydrate and protect skin wonderfully AND they are great for travel. The reason? The consistency. Both products feel like butter, which eliminates the risk of spilling in your luggage.


For your hands:  Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. This cream melts into your hands and cuticles without leaving a greasy residue. Not only does it feel a m a z i n g  on dry hands, it actually works to heal and protect skin. It’s perfect for hard working hands, your dude, and anyone exposed to the elements – (snow friends and photogs, take note!)


For your bod: doTERRA Replenishing Body Butter. The name pretty much says it all.  It has a super light scent so it’s great for anyone, and the butter melts into skin leaving behind comforting hydration instead of a greasy feeling. I was actually surprised how much I liked this stuff to be honest! (having trouble linking this one so to find it, click link—>Shop—>Personal Care—>Spa)

target, lip balm, aquaphor, chapstick

For your lips: Aquaphor Lip Repair. From my experience, this is pretty much the only lip product worth buying.  It’s around $5 (on sale for $2.79 @ Target right now!) and will hydrate your parched lips better then anything you’ve ever tried…probably. I wrote an entire post on it here if you want to read more. FYI: buy the regular formula not the one with SPF!  The SPF one is no bueno. 

Happy traveling!…and hydrating.



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