You Need This Lip Balm

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Lip balm, chapstick, lip chap. Whatever you want to call it – I don’t know anyone who hasn’t needed this stuff at some point in their lives. Men, I’m talking to you too!

I’ve used different formulas from all over the world, and Aquaphor Lip Repair really is the best I’ve found. I promise you it works.  It really, really works.

Most chapsticks are formulated with waxes to “help protect” in wind or sun exposure, but as you know, most of them have the opposite effect. Your lips end up feeling more chapped.

This stuff is different! It immediately feels like it moisturizes your lips and conditions them from the inside out. I buy multiple tubes and leave them in my car, ski bag, nightstand…I find them everywhere. There is nothing better to have on hand in the mountains, desert or anywhere in between.

The best part is, it’s around $4 and you can find easily at local drug stores. There is one caveat though – make sure you buy the REGULAR formula.  They make another one with SPF and for some reason, it’s kind of the worst.

Here’s to finding the holy grail!




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